The industrial cutting

Materials of the water jet cutting

Meca Jet d'Eau provides to customers all raw materials they need of up to 200 millimeters thickness.

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This photo represents 5 levels of quality that we propose for an industrial cutting.

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Steel is a robust and durable material used mainly in the fields of metal construction and engineering. It is composed mainly of iron and carbon that ensures strong resistance to shock.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a steel with added chromium. The main characteristics are its resistance to corrosion, main drawbacks of metallic alloys as well as its strength.


Aluminium is a light and resistant alloy which is the most used metal after iron. It has a protective kinetic alumina of a few micrometers which forms around the metal in contact with the air and thus protects it from oxidation.


Titanium is recognized as a metal having high mechanical strength and excellent ductility. Its resistance to fire, its durability as well as its weak elastic module makes titanium a very interesting biomaterial.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc which may contain lead, tin, nickel and chromium. This is a material which is very easy to machine and which has good corrosion resistance but it however remains fragile.


Copper is a ductile metal and is a corrosion resistant composition which is involved in many alloys. It is widely used in the technology sector and has played an important role in architecture and arts.


Granite is a trade name used by marble workers to represent the solid, non-porous rocks which are waterproof and grainy. It includes rocks such as granite, limestone or breccia which are often used in architecture.


Composite materials are an assembling of at least two materials to create a new material with new properties. The advantages of such a combination are to develop materials with strong resistance and strength and a low aging rate in moist and hot conditions.


PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a polymer often used in many of our companies products. Made from chlorine, it is the most studied material in the world of plastic and its qualities make it extremely multi-purpose.


Wood is a natural material for which its physical properties have been recognized for centuries. It is elastic, dense, durable, insulating and it is also very resistant to tension and pressure.


Glass is a transparent solid alloy, but is quite fragile. It is composed of silica, which in different proportions modifies its properties. It is used in many fields ranging from optical to architecture.


Plastic material is a mix of base polymer with additives and plasticizers. There are many different types of plastic that can be found in a large range of commercial products as well as in many industrial sectors.


Rubber or elastomer is an organic polymer that has elastic properties of withstanding very large deformations. It can be obtained either naturally by the transformation of latex collected from different plants or be manufactured synthetically.


Synthetic foam is a material which has very important absorption characteristics. It is used in many industrial sectors and technology areas but it best known for making sponges.